Casa Linda Redevelopment

Casa Linda Plaza has been a favorite east Dallas destination since 1945 – for both long-time residents with fond childhood memories and recent arrivals drawn to its Main Street friendliness.

Serving the East Dallas neighborhoods, the thoughtfully curated retail of Casa Linda Plaza creates space for visitors to engage with an array of dining options, a bustling farmers market, spa, wellness and a variety of service needs, including long-time Dallas staple, Elliott’s Hardware.

Looking to the future, EDENS’ vision for Casa Linda is rooted and reflective of the Casa Linda community and history. EDENS’ plans to reinforce the plaza as the central gathering place for the neighborhood will enhance the outdoor space and bring new retail and restaurants.

In addition, redevelopment plans will include:

  • developing a cohesive and pedestrian-friendly property
  • creating comfortable seating areas for the community to enjoy and socialize
  • improving outdoor space without impacting parking availability or convenience
  • planting 34 trees that include Bald Cypress, Princeton Elms and Cedar Elms within the parking area and along Buckner
  • adding bike racks to welcome alternate modes of transportation
  • adding WiFi throughout the center
  • collaborating with local artists to bring art to the neighborhood